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Brand Meaning

Brand Meaning

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Batey approaches brand assignments from the perspective of his Brand Meaning Model™, a framework that captures the fundamental conscious and unconscious elements that connect people with products and brands. A full description of the model can be found in the book Brand Meaning. In the case of more sophisticated assignments, following the Brand Discovery process, the meaning of the brand is mapped on a Brand Meaning Matrix®

Culture Corner

Culture Corner

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Brands don’t exist in a vacuum. They are socio-cultural phenomena. Culture shapes brands; and sometimes brands shape culture. Understanding cultural context and cultural relevance is a vital part of the Brand Meaning Manager’s job.

Brand Communication

Brand Communication

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Whether you are launching a new brand, strengthening or revitalizing an existing brand, or reinventing a lapsed brand, BateyConsulting can help optimize your brand strategy. With extensive experience in managing brands over time and over geographies and cultures, BateyConsulting’s expert guidance has been sought in the following areas by brands and companies like Diplomático Rum, Brazilian giant O Boticário, Mondeléz International, NBTY New York and SABMiller:

  • Brand identity and image
  • Brand extension and portfolio management
  • Brand story and communication
  • Brand ideals
  • Brand archetypes
  • Brand adoption
  • Managing a brand over time (reinforcing, revitalizing, reinventing)
  • Managing a brand over geographies and cultures

Projects for existing brands are always initiated with the Brand Discovery, which probes existing brand associations and perceptions.

The meaning of the brand is then mapped on a Brand Meaning Matrix®. Uncovering areas of untapped brand meaning is an important part of the process.

The Brand Meaning Matrix® enables companies to identify and leverage the most compelling elements of their brand(s). It effectively provides the brand blue print with which to drive all brand marketing activities.

The Brand Meaning Matrix® is at the heart of IconBuilder®, a brand audit and planning program designed to provide marketers with a more compelling and iconic brand.

(Brand Meaning Matrix® and IconBuilder® are registered trademarks belonging to Mark Batey).






Teaching and Training

Teaching and Training

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Mark Batey offers both executive training and academic teaching on all aspects of brands and branding, and the creation and management of brand meaning. His “Meaningful Brands” training is offered via modular workshops, courses and presentations.

Highly topical and with illustrative cases throughout, “Meaningful Brands” provides a thorough grounding in what Mark terms the “alchemy” of branding.

The course takes participants through the critical components of brand identity and brand image, and demonstrates how brands start off as names on products and end up as icons of meaning.

Training may be arranged in two 3-hour sessions, or run over a couple of days.

Topics include:

* the co-creation of brand meaning

* the components of brand identity and brand image

* brand story-telling

* the interplay between brands and culture

* learning from today’s iconic brands

* brand successes and failures

* brand communication



Mark was recently visiting professor at top-rated ESCP business school in Paris, whose Master in Management was ranked No.1 worldwide by the Financial Times. He also teaches at various universities in Brazil, and at Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain (UPF), within the university’s post-graduate program entitled Brand Meaning, which draws in large part from his book.




Academic teaching offered by Mark Batey may take the form of lectures or classes (individual and/or as part of a multi-class course). His Brand Management course has three parts – Understanding Brands, Building Brands and Managing Brands. Content covered includes:

* Brand image and Brand identity              * Brand ideals

* Brand archetypes                                  * Brand story

* Brand extension                                    * Brand portfolio management

* Brand communication

* Managing a brand over time (reinforcing, revitalizing, reinventing)

* Managing a brand over geographies and cultures

* The Brand Meaning Model™

* Primary Brand Meaning® and Implicit Brand Meaning®


Individual classes and lectures may address one or more of these subjects

For more information on training please contact Mark by clicking here.