Book a Brand Audit with BateyConsulting. Get expert feedback and advice on topics such as:

  • Is your brand marketing creating the kind of brand perceptions you desire?
  • How clear is your brand messaging?
  • Could your customers play back the meaning of your brand in a few words?
  • How strong is your brand iconography?
  • Are you clear about the differences between your brand identity and brand image?
  • What is your brand plan?

How it works: a Brand Audit with BateyConsulting is a simple, three-step process

Step 1: Discovery Phase

You fill out a Brand Discovery questionnaire on aspects of your brand. This combined with desk research by BateyConsulting provides the platform for the next step….

Step 2: Engagement

A 60 minute or 90 minute face-to-face meeting or phone conversation. In this session, advice and suggestions will be given as to how your brand can be better marketed, communicated and developed. Brand strengths and weaknesses will be addressed, together with areas of opportunity for growth.

Step 3: Report

A summary report of the key outputs of the Discovery and Engagement steps will be provided by BateyConsulting



60 minute Brand Audit= $349

90 minute Brand Audit = $499

For bigger brands, and a more in-depth qualitative assessment of your brand, the IconBuilder® program, jointly developed by Mark Batey and Millward Brown, is recommended. Please contact Mark Batey for more detail.