I do love Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” campaign, which famously kicked off in the 2011 Super Bowl. Here’s one of the latest spots, for the Chrysler 300. It’s worth remembering that the remains of Chrysler were acquired by FIAT after the government bailout in 2009. FIAT management under Marchionne turned the brand’s fortunes around and the Chrysler recovery has been surprisingly robust.

The launch ad (featuring Eminem) was infused with a spirit of gritty resilience and character, set in a city which had been, “to hell and back.” But it was also about a city – and a brand – which has standards and knows what luxury is about. So, although the recessionary backdrop and cultural context may be somewhat less relevant today, the luxury with character message still resonates, and has been given meaning by clever product innovation. The “Imported from Detroit” campaign has achieved an often elusive goal: it has touted features and benefits while giving the brand its soul back.